The Daikon Pickle Saga part 2

So, it has been a week since I put my Nuka-Zuke pickles away in a cool dark place to ripen. I have to say that even though the Diakon was a tad on the salty side, it came out not so bad! They looked, smelled, and tasted like what I had been used to eating in Japan. The Daikon, when sliced, even had a beautiful lemon-yellow hue inside. Let me say, dear Readers that once you try Nuka Diakon pickles (whether you love them or hate them) you will NEVER forget them. I have missed that salty, sweet, crispy, musky flavor since I left Tokyo. Now I know how to replicate it! I will recommend that if you would like to try the recipe below that you cut the salt in half and add sugar in place of the removed salt. As well let the nuka mix rest for several days before you sink your dried Daikon into it, turning and kneading it once a day. Then off you go to pickle HEAVEN!!!!
Daikon HEAVEN!!!

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