If You Drink Wine, READ THIS!!!

I love living in California. People here are very friendly, easy-going, and generally more laid back than in most other places that I have lived. Even in LA, people are a bit nicer (albeit in more in a hurry) than in other big cities I've been to.

Since I have been here, I have eaten more great food, drunk more great wine (California wines, naturally), and made more great friends than anywhere else on Earth. I am NOT kidding! I have lived in Tokyo, Japan-Dublin, Ireland-Charleston, South Carolina-Dallas, Texas-Salem, Mass (you spell the rest)-and Hickory, North Carolina...but to name a few places I have been. Californians are by far the most opened armed, and welcoming people EVER!!!

I love my life here. Did I mention the wine? Oh yes...a paragraph back. So, about the wine: There is TONS of it here. The best grapes on earth grow here. If you live in France, Germany, Australia, or any other wine growing region on this planet and want to dispute me-then get on a plane and come here to prove me wrong! From Washington State (OK that is not CALI, but still west coast USA), to San Diego there are nothing but amazing vineyards. Miles and miles of grape vines line the hills, the flatland, and everything in between. Even the Mojave Desert has grapes growing in it!

So I should not have been surprised when last week, while driving a back road through said desert, on our way to a Super Bowl party, we accidentally stumbled on a WINERY!!! Oh saints be praised, new wine to try!

I made a very swift turn into their parking lot, and we went in (the hubby, Steve, and I). The outside was nothing to write home about; just a stucco finished building on a patch of dusty desert road. When we went in, however, we were greeted by the owner, Efren Chavez, with a warm smile and an invitation to taste some wine. The tasting of 6 choice wines was $5 each, and we sat down to taste the man's hard work and have a chat. The wine was lovely. Efren was just as lovely as his wines!

He has lived his entire life in California. He began his career in the wine industry way up in Sonoma County. He then moved south to the Mojave to grow his own AA and AAA rated grapes. Grapes love sandy, rocky soil, and lots of sun-pipe in the H2O and life is perfect-if you are a grape. He has been making his own wines for quite a few years under several labels, but has now settled on Chavez Cellars as his own personal label.
a slightly blurry Pic of Efren and I...The hubby can't drink and take pics!

Not only does he offer wine but he also sells a local Mojave Desert beer from Indian Wells Brewing Co. (see http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/619/9963 ) if you are not a wine type.
OK...I am very thirsty just looking at this pic, yum yum!

If you ever find yourself on the corner of Rosamond Ave. and Tehachapi Willow Springs Road, http://www.highdesertcellars.com/About.html , stop in and try his wares...just be sure to bring lots of money (or plastic), because I guarantee you-you won't walk out without some extra bottles to enjoy at home!!!! If you need to "google" or "garmin" the actual address it is:
3045 90th Street West Suite A
Rosamond, CA. 93560

Why are you still reading? Get in your car and GO there now!!!!

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