In N Out-the secret's out! (A review)

About two and a half years ago the Hubby, myself and little tyke picked up and moved from our comfy home of Charleston, SC to sunny Southern California: I won't say where specifically cause there are lots of weirdos out there, but somewhere near Los Angeles. The Hubs  had lived in Long Beach years and years ago while working for Boeing, and knew a lot about LA and California in general. So when we landed the first thing he had to do was introduce me to the In-N-Out burger.

For anyone not living on the west side of the USA, In-N-Out is a California based chain of burger shops with a flare for quality and awesome service. They have a very small, straightforward menu printed over the cash registers:

Yup the above menu is all that you see, but wait...I recently found out (Thanks to Anthony Bourdain tipping me off in his new show "The Layover") that In-N-Out has a SUPER SECRET MENU that is not listed or advertised anywhere, but true fans and aficcianados know all about. I did a little research and found that a fellow blogger has made an obsessions out of the above mentioned secret menu. You can read the entry yourself at:

SOOOOOOOoooooooo...being one of those types that HAS to KNOW something for themselves, the Hubs indulged me today, and took me to In-N-Out so that I could check out this custom secret menu for my own self. Here is what I ordered:
Photo: 2x4 animal style, well done fries, and a neopolitan shake....yeah baby! — at In-N-Out Burger

A 2x4 (Which is two burger patties and four slices of cheese) "Animal Style"-which includes extra Thousand Island spread, grilled chopped onions, mustard grilled patties, and extra pickles, well done fries, and a Neapolitan shake (Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla all swirled together).  I wondered if the guy who took my order was going to give me the stink-eye, but he just smiled and rung me up in typical In-N-Out fashion. When It came out, I was thrilled to be alive!

How was it? I have to say it was one of the top 2 best burgers I have had in my whole life! It was HUGE and DRIPPING with gooey burger goodness. It was one of the those burgers that you have to be fully and completely committed to not putting down, because you will never be able to pick it back up in one piece. Oh, and I had a really hard time finding a starting place, because it was so huge, and my mouth would not fit around the behemoth burger.

The well done fries were reminiscent of French's Potato Stix. Even though I did add extra salt, they required no ketchup to augment their loveliness. The shake was awesome as well, and the flavors mixed together were so amazing! was a fantastic lunch, now excuse me while I go have a stroke! LOL

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