A Prayer Please

Hi Foodie friends!
It's Julie here, and not a canned message. I need a favor from everyone who is able. My good friend, Sherri, is having her first round of chemotherapy today for Breast Cancer. This is a woman who never had children of her own, because she took in her sister's small children and (with her husband) adopted them, and is raising them as her own. She is a good person, and is one of... those individuals that really exempifies what it means to be a Christian. Sherri is kind, generous, honest, and truly loving.
As you all know I am more of a "Budddhist Agnostic", and not a very prayerful person, but this amazing lady has all of my prayers. If you read this, and you can spare a quick moment, please say a little prayer for my Friend Sherri Frankle, that she can find the strength to walk through this Hell and come out the other side. She does not deserve this suffering-NO WOMAN DOES!

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