Malhi's Indian Restaurant-a review

Happy Monday Fellow Foodies!

Yesterday was Mother's Day here in the USA. Since I have a picky eater for a hubby, and a 5 year old-it is the one and ONLY day that I get to pick the restaurant, and no one else gets a vote. SO I wanted Indian cuisine. There is one Indian Restaurant in the Antelope Vally that is worth eating in, and yesterday they did not disappoint me!

There used to be two locations, but I have been told that the Malhi's on 10th St. West-near the AV Mall-has been closed and is moving, so you need to head to the Lancaster location, on 20th St. West and Avenue J.

Once you are there, Mahli's is located second to the end, in a very ugly little strip mall on a very unassuming corner. From the outside it is a rather unappealing place. Once you are through the door, however, you are greeted with a lovely little dining room, complete with a beautiful Indian style mural covering the walls. The service is friendly and fast, and the food is on par with anything in LA.

Malhi's has a lunch buffet which is not bad, and a very good way to acquaint yourself with some milder curries and side dishes if you are not too familiar with Indian foods. The hubby decided on the Buffet, I ordered off the menu for myself (as there is no Vindaloo on the buffet), and a kid's plate of chicken tandoori for my 5 year old.

The Vindaloo did not disappoint! It was spicy, tangy, freshly prepared, and oh so perfect. The lunch combo comes with stewed chickpeas, rice, and a Naan bread so large that you could use it as a king-sized comforter!

My daughter's chicken was perfectly roasted, and came out with a potato fritter, rice and the same HUGE Naan bread. She ate way more than she normally does in a restaurant. Even her toy turtle, Shelly, approved-I was told!

Malhi's food is authentic, the service is fast and friendly, and the prices are very reasonable. I can give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. I have to take a half o' star off just for the ugly outside, but if you are in the Antelope Vally and are craving good Indian Cuisine, head straight to Malhi's on 20th and Ave J West!!!!
2007 W Ave J
Lancaster, CA 93536
(661) 945-8009

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