WinCo-the grocery store that could!

Hello Fellow Foodies-This is a grocery store review.

Today I went out for my twice monthly grocery shopping trip. I have lots and lots of choices here in the Antelope Valley. I could shop at Albertson's, FoodMaxx, Vallarta, Super Target, Super WalMart, Von's, or Trader Joe's-just to name a few! While I do purchase a few things here and there at these stores, the brunt of my shopping is done at WinCo. If you don't have  a WinCo near you, then I feel very sad for you. They are a cross between a Costco and a regular grocery store-with the best prices I have ever found.

I continually save, what I consider, a huge amount of money from week to week, just by shopping there. If you have a WinCo near to you and you have never been in....please turn off your computer right now, get in your car, and go! Take a look around and you will be as amazed as I was the first time I went in. The store is HUGE, it is clean (even the restrooms are always spotless), and the prices and selection are something even a picky veteran chef-like me-can love!


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