Low-Fat Turkey Roll-Ups

Happy Humpday, Fellow Foodies!
Yesterday I had a friend over for lunch. As I am currently watching my weight, I decided to make salad and turkey roll-ups. Here is how I do mine. You can substitute with any meat or cheese you prefer.

What you need:
Whole grain tortillas (I like the Trader Joe variety)
Low-fat (or no no-fat) ranch dressing (room temp cream cheese works too)
Shredded Cotswold Cheddar (or any sharp cheese)
Sliced Turkey Breast (or what ever sliced deli meat you have around)
Spinach (or lettuce, kale, chard, etc...)

Warm you tortillas for a few seconds in the microwave to make them pliable: This seems like a small step, but DON'T skip it or you'll end up with tortillas that tear and you will be frustrated and cursing my name for not telling you to warm your torts!

Place about a teaspoon of dressing onto your tortilla, and spread over the entire surface with the back of a spoon.

Sprinkle on a small amount of shredded cheese.

In a thin layer lay down your deli meat leaving a small lip on one edge. Add you spinach in a thin layer.

With the empty lip of the tortilla placed farthest from you, roll away from you into a tube shape. Allow them to rest for a few moments.
With a very sharp knife cut the tubes into small rounds. Discard the end bits.

Plate and serve. You can make these up to 4 hours in advance, wrap them ,and store them in the fridge.
1-use herbed cream cheese instead of ranch dressing
2-mix into your dressing or cream cheese a little purreed chipotle for a spicy/smoky kick
3-add paper thin strip of red peppers or tomatos for more flavor and brighter colors
4-use white tortillas, or the flavored tortillas
5-use shreaded mozzarella and sundried tomatoes for an Itanian twist
6-if you are on a low-carb kick use your deli meat as the wrapper instead of a tortilla

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