Gone With the Wind

Today I fly home from Charleston, SC. I have mixed feelings about my visit, and especially leaving after only 6 days of time here. I think I really needed a few extra days. There were so many people to see and so much to check off my "to do" list, that I had to let a few things go until my next visit.

I didn't get to eat at Anson-my most beloved former restaurant,

or PF Chang's. I didn't get to take a horse-drawn carriage ride through downtown Charleston: This is one of those tourist-type things that even I enjoy once in a while.

 I did spend an hour trolling through the old Public Market which was super fun-as always. I never got to the beach with my daughter. We did spend half a day at the local water park-so I guess that counts as "fun in the sun". I was going to return to the water park on another day, but my plans got radically changed on Friday afternoon, and we ended up not going back to Whirlin' Waters on Sunday as we had 'planned'. Life happens while you are making other plans! 

I have to say, though, while on vacation, things get a bit muddled and fuzzy when you are trying to please all the people who want to spend time with you. I got pulled in opposite directions at once, and ended up getting ripped apart by someone who was hurt that I could not spend more time with her. It was a blessing in disguise, though, because after the dust settled, I got freed up to do more with a couple of true-blue friends (LOVE YA LIZ, AND JENNIFER!!!) I felt I might have to short change.

I did eat a LOT of food while here (pics to follow tomorrow) in Charleston. I got my pie at Mellow Mushroom,

I got my wings at Wild Wing Cafe,

I got my Thai fix at Basil,

I even got my burger fix at Poe's Tavern in Sullivan's Island!

I had my Bojangle's chicken biscuit, and a heaping helping of shrimp and grits! If you are now wondering: YES INDEED; I did gain about 7 pounds in 6 days! Now it's gonna take me a month of working out to loose it. Worth it? You ask...I think you know the answer.

I stayed with my most amazing and talented sister, Laurie. I saw my older sister, Aimee, and my niece Berkeley. I spent a fair amount of time with my in-laws, with whom I get on very well, and I love tons and tons!!! I did lunch, ice cream, and a "happy hour" play-date with my very good friend, Jennifer Burns. I went out and kicked back a few brews with my best, most talented, and amazing former assistant Pastry Chef, Liz (I love, love, love that girl)-who is now Executive Sous in charge if 2 very successful restaurants here in Chucktown called: The Black Bean Company. If you are ever on Spring St. or Folley Rd. stop in and tell her "JULIE SENT ME"!

I even drove two hours up the coast to spend the night with my mom and dad, and to see my very good and close friend of the family, Ginger.

Yup! It was a busy week, full of fun and friends, and family. I am sad to go, but happy to be headed back to my home in Tehachapi, CA.,  tired but happy to have had this time.

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