The Rattler in My Yard

This is one of my rare, non-food entries. This morning after dropping my daughter off to preschool, my good friend Teri Moore came by to watch me make cheesecake. No this is not a cheesecake is, in fact way more exciting.

Midway through the baking process my 9 month old dog, Jessie (Jane) was out in the backyard barking her little head off. Teri and I originally thought since she was circling around and around barking that she had found a gopher. After barking for several more minutes we decided to go investigate. Jessie had cornered a very large  rattle snake! We could in fact hear the rattle from some distance away, so we stopped where we were. I called Jessie over (thank goodness I thought to bring a hand full of dog treats to entice her), got her in the house, and did a head count of all the cats. Everyone was safe and accounted for.
This is the actual snake. I have a great zoom on my new camera!

My very good friend Teri is a rock. She is the coolest person under pressure that I have ever met. She calmly looks at me and says "Do you have a pair of boots and shovel? We need to kill that thing or it may stick around and be a danger to Chloe." Teri informs me, " You need thick heavy boots to your knees because in chopping the snake up with a shovel it'll strike at you legs." (Good to know!)

"Well no...I don't have boots." I say

"Do you have a gun? we can just shoot it", she says.

Hmmmmmmm...well, I have several guns to choose from. No problem there. The problem lies in that it is against code and regulation to shoot anything on your property here in Bear Valley Springs. We are at the height of fire season in southern California, and there is a HUGE sparking danger from a fired round of ammo.

We decided to call the police office. I was informed by a very nice lady that they have a "snake dispatch" guy. She'll send him right over! Hooray!!!

So in about ten minutes Mr. Snake Guy shows up and in less than a minutes scoops the snake up and deposits it in a bucket with a lid. He will take the, now angry and rattling wildly, diamondback someplace safe to relocate him. STORY OVER!

I'm just glad my dog was there to bark, my friend Teri was there to stay calm in the face of danger, and that we have a "Snake Dispatcher" here in Bear Valley Springs.

Oh and it if you are wondering...the Cheesecake came out AWESOME too!!!

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