The Cookie Dilema

Today was one of "those" Mondays one would like to forget. I got up very 5:30am..with Steve. Why, you ask? Because I had 5 ladies and their adorable and angelic children coming to my house at 2:00pm for a cookie decorating play date.

I started out by making two dozen large sugar cookies. Then I swept and mopped my entire downstairs. I bleached my bathroom (it's a small house, I only have the one) from top to bottom. I sanitized the kitchen-twice in fact since I cooked, cleaned, cooked, and cleaned again. I polished the wooden end tables, and I even conditioned the leather sofa, easy chair, and ottoman. I finally got done with cleaning at the mean time, while cleaning I made Chloe Breakfast and lunch, got dinner started for my own family and washed 3 loads of laundry (still to be folded).

As I said I was expecting 5 Moms with children en-tow for a cookie decorating play date. I made 2 pounds of royal icing in 6 lovely and vibrant colors.

One mom showed up with her only (and might I say very lovely) son. My bestest buddy Michelle. The one person whom I can always count on to be true to the very end!

Anyone want 20 leftover cookies?!?

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