My Holiday Manifesto...Damn it!!!

Okay…I know that life is tough sometimes. I know we are all getting older. We all hurt, ache, and hobble around in the cold. Our joints aren’t what they used to be.
We occasionally hate our jobs too. We are stressed, miserable, passed over for raises and promotions. Our bosses don’t “get” us or our AMAZING ideas. We work too hard for too little money. I get it, I do.

Now think about the family that has nothing. I mean nothing. Dad and mom lost their jobs 6-12-18 months ago. They are living with relatives or even a homeless shelter because the money has dried up, and there is no end in sight. There is no light at the end of their tunnel. The corporations sent their job overseas, the government took their unemployment away, and the bank took their home. Their kids have been told there is no Santa and there are no presents this year.

Now revisit how miserable you are. How bad is your life really? Ask yourself that when you see that panhandler. He or she may be a “professional” beggar, or they may be someone’s mom or dad just desperate to find enough money to put one more meal in front of their kids. How bad off are you really? PLEASE STOP COMPLAINING!!!

Merry Christmas to us all!

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